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Help - How place my ad on search results?

We make it easy to promote your escort business. How it works: we have over 10 million pictures in our database and about 10 thousand unique searches every day. For each search we calculate the exact geographic location. We can place your ad on the search results page when your location matches to the location of the search. Therefore, only clients in your area will be looking at your ad. Additionally, we will provide you with real-time stats. You will know exactly how many times your ad was shown and clicked. To place your ad, register and then login to your account and click My Account and then My Profile. Create your Escort ad and upload your pictures (under My Profile Pictures). To be featured on search results you need to upgrade your account to VIP.

The cost of VIP membership is 1 point per day. 1 point = 1 US dollar. First, you buy points, using any credit card you like. Second, you use your points to pre-pay for your VIP membership. Your account remains VIP until that time and then automatically changes to free. No recurring.